• Gabrielle Rose

Julianne & Josh

An Engagement Session in georgetown, DC

My sister is getting married in September! I am so excited for her and her fiancé Josh. The two currently live in Florida, but on one of their recent visits, we went on a walk around Georgetown to take some engagement photos!

The best part? Their Corgi, Phyllis, came along too!

We walked around Georgetown's iconic neighborhoods and around the local shops. Julianne wore a beautiful red dress for the first part of the morning, and then switched into a colorful sweater. Both of her looks were so classic and embodied her personality!

I loved incorporating Phyllis into the session as well! She knew she was the star of the show.

We ended our session at Call Your Mother, a bagel shop in Georgetown with a bright pink facade. I think finishing an engagement shoot with a snack is the right way to go. We were all starving from walking around all morning, and Call Your Mother was the perfect reward.

Julianne and Josh are in the process of planning their fall 2022 wedding, and we couldn't be more happy for the two of them. They are two of the most selfless, kind people I know, and they deserve every bit of joy!

Phyllis has her own Instagram, so go follow her on Instagram at @fansofphyllis!


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